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BIZSON specializes in professionalizing the family owned, larger companies, in the industrial as well as in the service sector (retail & logistics), whilst bringing through its methodology, efficiency and control, profitability to the company and throughout the organization, whereby the implementation is done in a manner that the new approach, behavior and culture can be continued by the management in place.

The BIZSON business approach :

BIZSON has its own way of working with his customers:


  • Already at intake: BIZSON offers 1 up to 2 days for free, allowing to understand the business, the problem, getting to know each other, catching up with the company culture…
  • BIZSON works out a proposal, identifying the issues and suggesting how to tackle these, indicating directions and work methodology.
  • BIZSON, besides eventually at start up, never works on a Full-Time basis, BIZSON spends, depending… maximum 2 days a week, a fortnight, a month … for the client:
    1. Making staff part of the solution, train them to take over the lead when BIZSON’s assignment is finished.
    2. Costing less to the company compared with a constant presence.
    3. Whilst still being reachable, available if necessary 24/24 hours a day – 7/7 days week, wherever/whenever.
    4. All-in fee, no transport costs or other extras within a distance of 150 kms around BIZSON’s offices. (see map).
  • BIZSON’s statement: “We WALK the TALK”. BIZSON are no consultants, they are IMPLEMENTORS, organizing, making things work as proposed.
Carte du rayon d'action de Bizson (150 km autour de son siège soit en Belgique, en France et aux Pays-Bas)

Legal details

  • BIZSON SA – since 1996.
  •  Stambruges, Beloeil, Hainaut, Belgium.
  • RPM – TOURNAI BE0458.767.141
  • IBAN BE91 3630 4713 5976 – BBRUBEBB